Artistic Bodies and Daily Acts of Freedom | Pamela Karimi

The convergence of art and public space is a recurrent and potent theme, particularly within the context of Iran, where the streets have often borne witness to the presence of bodies unified in demonstrations and protests. These gatherings are emblematic of the power of bodies to stake their claim in the public sphere, shaping not only the physical landscape but also the identity of these spaces. At the heart of this transformation of public spaces lies the body itself, both as an individual entity and as part of a collective. ... ..

HAA 2021-2022 Lecture Series: Underground Knowledge

Desert Detours: Contemporary Iranian Art & Critical Engagement with Remote Sites Pamela Karimi (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth) | For the 1972 Shiraz Festival of Arts, the American performance artist Robert Wilson and his avant-garde theater group, the Byrd Hoffman School of Byrds, displayed a seven-day nonstop performance across an entire mountain. The event was meant to be a kind of window into the world where ordinary and extraordinary events could be seen together. One could see the world at 8am, 3pm, or midnight, and the play would always be there, ... ..

Retexture; traces of tradition and contemporary concerns in collaboration

pdated: Apr 22 REYHANEH MIRJAHANI Artist-researcher In the past few years, visual art events in Iran used to take place almost entirely in gallery spaces and engaged only with their pre-existing public. The revolution of 1979 exacerbated this situation, with the censorship on art limiting the expression of many artists, including the ones with social and political concerns. Also, the sovereign has not been supportive of participatory activities in the social environment, especially those with social-political criticism – and finally, there is a lack of support from institutions inside the country. ... ..

Art and the Anthropocene

Pamela Karimi The 1960s witnessed a transformative shift in the recognition of the human impact upon the Earth’s ecosphere. In The Silent Spring (1962), the American biologist Rachel Carson drew attention to the devastating consequences of human intervention on nature, focusing on the effect which the pesticide DDT had upon wildlife and humanity. Unprecedented in her own time, Carson’s book initiated a revolutionary path, which was then followed by other scholars and activists who sought to protect natural resources and maintain a healthier relationship between humanity and natural resources. Subsequently, ... ..

Haleh Gallery |Nov 2013- Jan 2014|Germany

Haleh Gallery in Berg, Germany is slated to mount a group exhibition entitled “Red” on Friday 29th November 2013.“Red” is the concept, Red is international, common to all cultures and worth a thousand words. Red is the traffic light, Coca Cola, blood, fire, love, passion, revolution, violence, suffering, guilt and Santa Claus.“Red” is the title of our next exhibition. It is a group exhibition, conceived as a project between artists of Haleh Gallery: Hossein Edalatkhah – Koroush Ghazimorad – Iman Abdullah Mahmud – Koorosh Asgari – Pietro Di Lecce – ... ..

NIETZSCHE WAS A MAN|June 7- July 21- 2013|Mexico

“NIETZSCHE WAS A MAN” Video art by 19 Iranian women Curated by Alysse Stepanian (USA) and Neda Darzi (Iran) By Alysse Stepanian: Much debate has been centered around the seemingly misogynistic views of 19th Century German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche. A recent rereading of his aphorisms suggests that his remarks were ironic strategies designed to expose the hierarchical dualisms of Western thought and language and gender stereotyping. The title of this show points to the prevalent dualistic patriarchal worldview that subordinates and exploits nature and the powerless, separates men from women, and humans from ... ..

Behind the fence of Ouroboros | Nima Zaghian

Nima Zaghian Translated by Nikoo Tarkhani 1 Ouroboros is a Greek term meaning “a snake that bites its tail”. This mythic snake has been mentioned in so many ancient texts; by different names and faces. A snake that bites its tail is an icon for a circle that ends with itself. The image of Ouroboros that used to be considered the creator of all universes is also an icon for immortality; usually accompanied by the words: “one is the whole”. On the other hand, this icon also contains the notions ... ..

III Moscow International Biannale For Young Art | 2012|Russia

” Khafaqan” by Mozhgan ERFANI Persbook has the honor to annonce the selection of two persbook artists in the third Moscow Biennale of Young Art 2012. Two art works of the Persbook winners (2) , the video art project “Khafaqan” by Mozhgan ERFANI and the installation project “Uncertain Horizon” by Farshid LARIMIAN, will be presented in the exhibition, organized by cheif curator Kathrin BECKER, at MMOMA ( Moscow Museum Of Modern Art) from 11 July to 12 August 2012. After Photographic Festival”CONTACT”in Canada, Edward Lucie-Smith has selected 4 Persbook winners ... ..

Art Tomorrow | No 6 2012 | Iran

Review of “Bimarz” | “Spaceless” Exhibition in Tehran (September 9-18, 2011) “Bimarz” (literally, “without borders”) was a groundbreaking exhibit at Tehran’s Siin Gallery in September 2011. The show was the outcome of Iran’s first art contest to be conducted through an entirely online juried process. Curated by Tehran-based artist Neda Darzi and Nikoo Niknam, “Bimarz” was indeed remarkable for transcending the boundary between the public space of the actual artistic scenes of Tehran and the virtual public sphere, where Iranian artists dwell, via their computers and in the privacy of ... ..

Three World in One | June 2011 | Lithuania

After Photographic Festival”CONTACT”in Canada, Edward Lucie-Smith has selected 4 Persbook winners again: Asieh Roholamini, AmirHossien Keihani,Bahareh Bisheh, Mahmoud Maktabi for an exhibition called”3 Worlds in 1″in  Lithuania.    On 29th of June, 2011 (Wednesday), at 6 p.m., Klaipeda Culture Communication Centre Exhibition Hall (Aukštoji str. 1/Didžioji Vandens str. 2, Klaipeda, Lithuania) opens three exhibitions “London International”, “Polemically small” and “New Iranian art” curated by Edward Lucie-Smith together with Zavier Ellis, Janet Rady and Ignas Kazakevičius. 3 Worlds in 1 The aim of this exhibition is to give a snapshot view of two ... ..