8th Annual of Contemporary Art | Persbook 2018

Persbook’s eighth annual of Iranian contemporary art is held by Yazd Visual Arts Association and curatorship of Neda Darzi and Negar Farajiani.
Approach of Persbook’s Eighth Annual of Iranian Contemporary Art:
This year concentrates on interaction and participation of different classes of society as a suitable substitution of competitive trends, along with curatorship. Therefore, Yazd was selected for the second space-oriented project of world (Sharbafi workshop) with respect to protection of ancient buildings, ecological art, the textile art, and contemporary trends.
Title of The Eighth Annual : Retexture

Retexture is a referral to adobe and mud brick texture of Yazd city and its interweaving. With respect to spatial orientation and selection of global city of Yazd as capital of textile industry art, Persbook’s eighth annual anniversary offers opportunities for comprehension of its importance and review on the basis of contemporary approach. Spatial orientation of this anniversary is a new observartation of practicality and dynamics of Yazd textile industry art promoting this region’s culture and art. Dynamics and movement of this art and industry prevent it from being forgotten.
Also, people of Iran, neighbors, and other distant countries in Silk Road have had view it as cultural ambassador. Thus, there is a good opportunity for reproduction of this particular property and dynamics of textile culture in Yazd and creation of related spaces.
In recent decades, as regards culture and art, local and other artists have not paid not sufficient attention to distribution and promotion of textile art at this ecology. Detailed history of Yazd textiles, variation of productions, and the related materials, mechanisms, and devices on the one hand and the architecture of workshops create a good context for centralized and decentralized evaluation, planning, and holding style of this Persbook anniversary. At this process, emphasis upon textile art and the related existing spaces in Yazd provide foundation for introduction of local textile industry art and addition of concepts relating to newer functions of this medium.Yazd city provides an appropriate context for holding cultural and artistic events through maintenance of ecological and cultural values.With regard to the above-mentioned, this anniversary of Persbook is held by focusing on fiber art, the related spaces, and their integration with multimedia art trend.Fiber art is one of contemporary art trend and simultaneous with feminism movement since 1960s, which uses natural and artificial fibers. Its conceptualizations, ideas, and aesthetics along with its techniques make it distinct from handicrafts. Since 1970s, works of this region’s artists gradually change into a thoughtful and conceptual approach. At this time, fiber art was acts as a key element for arrangements of spatial works. Smooth Fence of Christo in 1976 is one of these works. In this integration, uniqueness of fiber art fades out limits of arts.
Relying on this approach, selected artists of this ceremony individually or collectively create interdisciplinary and conceptual works. These artists are as follows:

Mona Agha Babaee, Mansooreh Baghgaraee,Sahand Hesamian, Mino Iranpoor ,Hoda Akhlaghi, Atefe Khas ,Hoda Zarbaf ,Rooh-Ol-lah Tamehri ,Hamid Fateh ,Fatemeh Fazael Ardakani , Hamed Mehrizizadeh ,Shahrzad Kaedinejad, Noushin Nafisi

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