The 7th Annual of Contemporary Art | Persbook | 2017

Persbook is pleased to announce an open call to artists for the
Seventh Annual of Contemporary Art

Organized and directed by Neda Darzi and Pamela Karimi

Review Committee: Pouya Aryanpour, Mohammad Reza Ghaneei, Pamela Karimi, Shadmerhr Rastin, Behrang Samadzadegan

Art Consultant: Omid Ghajarian
Co-curator: Mojdeh Atrak
Publicity: Maryam Amoosa
Designer: Nastaran Safaei
Graphic Designer: Saleh Tasbihi

Seventh Annual Theme: Eco-Art

Persbook open call for artist’s
Deadline: September 11, 2017

The theme of the seventh annual of Persbook art has revolved around the idea of art making in the vicinity of the pigeon towers in the greater Isfahan. For the first time, Persbook art will be featured not only at galleries and museums, but also outside. This year two groups of invited artists as well as a selected group of artists and designers will make site-specific projects adjacent to the pigeon towers. These selected artists will, in turn, have the opportunity to exhibit their own eco-arts in Isfahan’s Galleries : Aknoon, Bayan, Safavi House

The project aims to explore ecological and sustainable design in arid regions. In particular, it focuses on the form and function of the pigeon towers .

Traditionally, in central Iran pigeons were domesticated for their droppings, which the farmers accumulated and used to mature certain crops. The checkerboard pattern of pigeonholes made efficient use of the space and kept the usage of brick to the minimum. Functioning like a fortresses with small thresholds, the towers also helped protect the pigeons from predators.

Replaced by industrial fertilizers and chemicals, the pigeon towers have remained largely abandoned. At some point the number of pigeon towers in the greater Isfahan was estimated 3,000. Today, only 300 remain, with only a few dozen acknowledged by Iran’s National Heritage Organization. Many of the remaining structures are wasting away in the desert, including those from the Dorche village. Persbook 7 hopes to direct our attention to these phenomenal structures and the logic of sustainable design in the deserts of pre-modern Iran.

We invite submissions in all media—particularly, installation and sculpture— and accept applications and artworks from July 11th through September 11th of 2017.

We encourage all applicants to review our Telegram channel for more information about the greater Isfahan region as well as the images of the pigeon towers: @persbookart


•Advocating collaboration (up to 5 artists) and participation in site-specific art making
•Appreciating the history of traditional sustainable design in arid territories
•Promoting sustainable art forms
•Decentralization (i.e., taking art and art-making from the capital to other parts of the country)

Privileges for Participants

•Persbook membership and certificates of appreciation will be granted to selected artists
•Collaboration with established artists
•Opportunity to exhibit work in Isfahan

Eligibility and Conditions

• Iranian Artists all around the world are eligible to participate.
• Entrance fee of 50,000 Tomans: Deposit to account number 6221-0611-0186-4785 Parsian Bank: Neda Darzi the transition code must be sent along with the other inquiries. If the work is rejected, the entrance fee will not be returned.
• Shipping is the responsibility of the artist.
• Installation cost is the responsibility of the artist.
• The works must not be sold prior to the exhibition. The courtesy of selling the exhibited work will remain that of Persbook for one year. If artists decide to sell their works before the due date they have to come to an agreement with the Persbook committee.
• Persbook will feature images of the artworks in catalogues, publicity materials, and on the worldwide web.

How to Apply

• The application form is available at .We accept submissions by September 11, 2017.
•All participants must send the completed application form along with the images of their works to [email protected]
The images must be 500×500 pixels, 300 dpi, and JPG format. The file should not exceed one megabyte.
•The title of video files (in any format) must be in English and the link for downloading the video must be inserted in the body of the email. Videos may not be longer than 1 min in duration.
•All written statements, including the artist resume and statement as well as the information about the work must be attached as a word file.
•Artists who wish to send 3-D works, may attach 3D MAX or Google sketch-up files to the application email.
•The works must conform to the rules and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Deviation from these rules is equal to rejection.
•Every submission must accompanied by a label, providing the following information:

◾️ @persbookart / #persbookart
◾️ #TheSeventhAnnualofIranianContemporaryArtPersbook
◾️ #Artist:
◾️ #Title:
◾️ #Medium:
◾️ #Size:
◾️ #Year:

Key Dates

• Starting day for submission of the works: July 16 , 2017
• Final day for submission of the works: September 16, 2017
• Announcing selected artist for site-specific collaboration and exhibit in Isfahan: October 11, 2017
• Exhibition date: 1st to 11th of December -2017

Persbookart website:
Telegram channel:

Persbook 2017


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