Haleh Gallery in Berg, Germany is slated to mount a group exhibition entitled “Red” on Friday 29th November 2013.“Red” is the concept, Red is international, common to all cultures and worth a thousand words. Red is the traffic light, Coca Cola, blood, fire, love, passion, revolution, violence, suffering, guilt and Santa Claus.“Red” is the title of our next exhibition. It is a group exhibition, conceived as a project between artists of Haleh Gallery: Hossein Edalatkhah – Koroush Ghazimorad – Iman Abdullah Mahmud – Koorosh Asgari – Pietro Di Lecce – Mahboobeh Zadehahmadi, in cooperation with Munich artists, curated by Irmin Beck: Tanja Fender- Yurika Tahara  and in cooperation with Iranian artists of Persbookart, founded by Neda Darzi and curated by Nima Zaghian, Ali Ettehad: Zahra Hosseini – Naghme Aslani – Leila Vismeh – Shima Esfandiari – Nima Zaghian. For “Red” the invited artists are going to produce new works with painting, drawing, photography and calligraphic works all displayed on paper in the 50x70cm. format.“Red” will be on view from November 29, 2013 to January 31, 2014 at Haleh gallery, Berg, Germany.

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