Curators: Ali Ettehad, Nima Zaghian

Unfortunately our exhibition was canceled after the opening night because of the censorship the managers of The Iranian Artist’s Forum have done on some works. But it was a great opening night and only in that night we had about 2000 visitors. The exhibition was held in all seven galleries of The Iranian Artist’s Forum in Tehran.

Iranian Artist’s forum
Nov. 11, 2013

Sponsors: Sold Out  and Studio Kargah

Special thanks to: Hanieh Hedayatpour, Aria Kasaei, Nikoo Tarkhani, Jamshid Haghighatshenas, Farid Aminoleslam, Farhad Hosseini, Sally Sharifi, Sara Niroobakhsh, Khatereh Safajoo, Neda Ahrabi, Nazila Daneshvaran | StudioKargah | Soldout | Mediadesign | Sanjaqak | Anahita-art-studio
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