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Persbook Art was founded by Neda Darzi, an accomplished  artist, in 2010. “My goal is to reflect the love that is in everyone’s essence: it is within our reach.” Says Neda. “I strive mightily to communicate the same concept in my own artworks and to indicate the contradiction between my inner world and the restraint of the outer world. Using art as our common ground, I wish for human beings to live in a loving and more peaceful world. Everyone around the globe, regardless of race, religion, color and gender is welcome to join Persbook Art and participate in our annual event. Persbook Art is created for all artists, giving them the chance to express themselves.”


Hyrcanian Forest in Dodangeh ,Darzikola ,Savadkouh ,Mazandaran ,Iran

Condition of Attendance

Send their resume and a Pdf of their previous works

Persbook Calander

October 29-November 7,2019
Registration: until October 17, 2019;

Workshops & Discussions

Dr. Behnam Kamrani/ Negar Farajiani/ Elahe Moghadami/ Taktom Hemati/ Mahdiyeh Abul-Hassan 

9th Annual of Contemporary Art |  Persbook 2019 

Hyrcanian Forests

Darzikola Ecology:  October 29-November 7,2019

Concentrating on Hyrcanian forest and ecology, Persbook –like prior events- pursues long-term objectives concerning protection of environment and international-Iranian ancient heritage and calls for modernist and innovative artists for participation in a space-oriented project. The present event occurs in Darzikola Ecology with cooperation of Visual Arts Association of Mazandaran and curatorship of Neda Darzi at Hyrcanian Forest in Darzikola.


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