Retexture; traces of tradition and contemporary concerns in collaboration

pdated: Apr 22 REYHANEH MIRJAHANI Artist-researcher In the past few years, visual art events in Iran used to take place almost entirely in gallery spaces and engaged only with their pre-existing public. The revolution of 1979 exacerbated this situation, with the censorship on art limiting the expression of many artists, including the ones with social and political concerns. Also, the sovereign has not been supportive of participatory activities in the social environment, especially those with social-political criticism – and finally, there is a lack of support from institutions inside the country. ... ..

Behind the fence of Ouroboros | Nima Zaghian

Nima Zaghian Translated by Nikoo Tarkhani 1 Ouroboros is a Greek term meaning “a snake that bites its tail”. This mythic snake has been mentioned in so many ancient texts; by different names and faces. A snake that bites its tail is an icon for a circle that ends with itself. The image of Ouroboros that used to be considered the creator of all universes is also an icon for immortality; usually accompanied by the words: “one is the whole”. On the other hand, this icon also contains the notions ... ..

KUNSTZEITUNG|Jan 2011|No173|Germany

The very well-known German art newspaper KUNSTZEITUNG released news about the 1st Iranian Contemporary Art- Persbook Contest. Its audience consists of art experts. It has a circulation of 200 000 exemplars, appears once a month and is available in all galleries, museums and art associations.It’s not an on-line newspaper. ... ..