Persbook Art

About Annual Competition

Persbook is the first Iranian Artistic Competition in network, founded by Neda Darzi 2010. Each year during Summer, a group of proficient artists, critiques, curators and scholars are invited to assist us with selecting the best works, finding galleries and museums, and writing about the artists and Persbook Art’s achievements. The contest and the exhibitions include most media. However, the accepted media is subject to change each year based on facilities and limitations. The media usually includes: painting, sculpting, photography, digital arts, installation, video art, environmental art, graphic design, Khat-Naghashi (painting-calligraphy) and book illustration.In order to have a fair jury, we invite two groups of jurors: the first group (selection Jurors )choose the semi-final artists from each category, and, the second group (Final jurors) opt five finalists from the selected artists. Other than these artists, five artists are elected based on people’s vote, and three are selected by Neda Darzi, the founder of Persbook.Since the annual contest in 2012, we have decided to divide the contest into two sections: one section with a specific subject matter and the other with no subject matter for the artists who wish to decide about their own theme.Also, a new part is added to the annual contest: critiques will be invited to write about selected artists and the best reviews will be announced as the winners.The details about the contest will be explained in the Call for Entries.


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